John Bradley

John A Bradley was born in Sydney, on the 4 September 1945.

From his early childhood he showed all the signs of a talented and gifted draughtsman and painter. He recalls with relish, that at aged nine, he used these talents. to win movie tickets. Going to the movies was a rare treat for John and his brother. Many summer holidays were spent on the properties of relatives in Narrabri, Glenn Innes, Kurrajong and the Mid North Coast. John’s appreciation and connection to the beauty and serenity of nature lay dormant whilst he pursed a much-varied career.

Largely self-taught, John has not been influenced by any past Australian painter, nor does he follow someone else’s style. He admits, however to have a high regard for the late Sir Hans Heysen, with whom he shares a deep feeling for the rugged Australian landscape.

His subject matter ranges from the harsh outback regions to the verdant coastal scenery of the eastern states of Australia. John’s treatment of light on the trees and foliage is unique. The subtlety of colour in his majestic panoramic vistas of the Blue Mountains is awe-inspiring.

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